Simple use in three steps

Easily manage tasks, orders and any processes in your company.

Step 1


Add columns with statuses and give them names. Designate the service responsible for the implementation of the stages.


For selected statuses, you can set to send automatic notifications and count their execution time.


You can create multiple boards with statuses. They can be different processes or departments in the company. Only your imagination limits you.

Step 2


Add a new task. A new card will appear that will contain the details of the task to do.


Change the status of the task by dragging it to the selected column. Each such column contains a status name and support.


The designated staff will see the tasks assigned to them. The “Play” indicators will inform you about what they are currently working on.

Step 3


You can add photos, files and financial data to the task. You can also specify the time for its implementation.


In the communicator you can describe the task in detail. As a result, team members will know what to do, and will be able to communicate with each other.


If the task is complex, you can add as many subtasks as you like.

Download ERPOS to your device.

Application available on Windows system

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