Save up to
16 business days per year *

Increase the number
of satisfied customers
by 73% **

84% more control
over the company ***

What is it about?

Enter any task to Erpos. Then move the task bar across the board. Each shift will change its status. For each status you can designate an employee and set up an automatic SMS or email.

We have increased revenue by 7%

With control over business tasks, we can manage better and more efficiently. ERPos has helped us to eliminate downtime, traffic mess and unnecessary bureaucracy.

Sophie Bailey "Koraps Printing House"

I save up
to 16 days a year

Me and my staff lost a lot of time for simple communication with the customer (eg "When will my order be ready?"). Now thanks to automatic sending of SMS and e-mail we save valuable hours of work. Customers are also pleasantly surprised and appreciate automatic notifications.

Michael Sullivan „Itplace, Inc”

The implementation
took us 15 minutes

ERPos is incredibly easy to use. Installation takes a few minutes and the system is ready to go. Our team has no time for training. Fast implementation and easy operation were decisive when selecting software for our company.

Lucia Collins " Frontend Advertising Agency”

Check out where you can use the ERPos system

*information based on tests conducted on a sample of ten companies participating in the beta test program compared to the period preceding the implementation of the ERPOS system
**customer satisfaction survey on customer service quality on a sample of ten beta testers compared to the pre-deployment period
***satisfaction survey of owners and managers of the ten companies participating in the beta program compared to the period preceding the implementation of the system
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