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Simple management systems. Without them contemporary company can’t exist.

You probably assume your business or are already running a business for some time. You are also looking for modern solutions that will improve your business. There are a number of interesting solutions on the market that can solve many of the problems you face during your day-to-day work. Below we present simple management systems without which (in our opinion) a modern company can’t exist.

Accounting software

Printed invoice is a standard. The times when invoices were handwritten on a carbon copy block are likely to pass. What’s more, customers now expect more and more electronic documents. But today’s group of accounting software is not just for invoicing.


Programy księgujące. Na co uważać.

Accounting software. What should include.

A good package of this type of software helps you to carry out almost all the accounting processes of your company. It helps you control your finances and supervise payments from your customers. If the customer is late with payment the system will notify you about it, and can also send an automatic payment reminder to the customer. A good accounting package should also be able to manage a warehouse or make a statement to an accounting office or tax office.


Accounting software. What to watch

If you are wondering about the choice of accounting software – it is best to ask your accountant first. Ideally, if you use the same system, your accounting staff will not need to manually copy all of the documents you provide.

Simple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Proste systemy do zarządzania

Your company is a kind of organization that resembles machine modes. If one of the modes fails, it has catastrophic effects for the whole. It is important that all the processes in your company should be sorted and each employee should know what to do. That’s what ERP systems are for. It would be cool if the ERP system also helps you communicate within the company. Thanks to good communication between employees you can minimize the risk of errors and misunderstandings, which often cause delays and losses.


How to choose ERP system.

There are many solutions available on the market. When choosing this type of software, it is best to follow the price-for-service criteria. Features should be tailored to your needs at the moment, but we need to be careful not to overdo them. The ERP system is designed to automate and simplify processes within the company. If it is too elaborate, it can create more procedures and bureaucracy, which will even make it difficult for your business. In addition, employees will not want to use and learn such a system. The price may also vary depending on the “size” of such a system. Prices range from a few dollars per user to even tens of thousands for implementation.


ERP systems. What to watch.

But watch out! More and more often we hear complaints from entrepreneurs who spend large sums of money on sophisticated ERP systems with hundreds of different features and no one wants to operate these systems. When selecting this system, show the two-three solutions to your employees and ask them what they would like to use. If this or employees (“weakest link”) will not be able to handle the system, you will only spend unnecessarily money. Only simple management systems guarantee trouble-free implementation in every company.


Customer relationship management (CRM) systems


Zarządzanie relacjami z klientami

Customers are the treasure of every entrepreneur, so it is worth taking care of them. CRM systems will help us to collect and organize customer information. Thanks to them, you will understand who your customers are, and you will trace the history of the co-operation. Most importantly, they will help you maintain and deepen your cooperation with your key customers. Contemporary platforms can also offer features such as business analytics and customer service.


What to look for when choosing a CRM system.

The choice of CRM software is very large, so choosing the best one depends on your needs at a given moment. A good system should be able to expand with more modules, so we will not have to implement another system as our expectations increase. The standard in modern software should be intuitiveness and easy to use, so avoid the complicated and cumbersome solutions.


Combining modern accounting, ERP and CRM software will make your business manageable. If you implement simple management systems in your company, you will be more competitive in an increasingly tight market. Today’s modern machine park and skilled workers are not all. Management is also an investment that can bring you measurable benefits in the form of time and money savings associated with resource wastage. If you want to grow, you need to find some time to improve management. Otherwise, more agile competition can overtake you in a constant race for market share.

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