Your customers probably demand your services to be cheap, good and for now. They appreciate when you listen to their needs and when they can get along with you. We, the entrepreneur must meet all the cravings of customers. But at some point you get lost in the rush of orders, which is reflected in the quality of customer service. Erpos will help you sort out your orders, manage them well, and keep the customer informed about progress. See how easy it is ...

The customer orders the service

The customer comes to our point, calls or visiting our website. He want to order service from us. You are placing an order using ERPos. From now on you have full control over this order.

Determine the stages and tasks

You can also set the order stages. You can assign employees to each stage. This will allow you to know who is doing it and at which stage is the implementation.

Inform customers about the selected stages

Erpos will also automatically inform the customer of the progress of the order. You choose what stage you want to inform him. You can send SMS or email information, such as order acceptance, pick up or delivery. This will make your customers more likely to come back to you. You will also be seen as a modern entrepreneur.

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