Are you investing in good and reliable machines for your business? If so, that's great! But nowadays, it's not enough to be competitive. Your company must also work smoothly and reliably like a machine. Management software is essential. Erpos is the modern and most intuitive solution on the market that will allow you to manage your production.

Plan your production

Probably in your company you have already divided the stages of production. With Erpos, you simply enter them electronically so you have complete control over your production processes.

Designate employees

You can designate any number of employees for each production step. This way you'll know what your employees are doing at the moment. Employees will also know what to do and in what order. This will reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Inform customers about the selected stages

Erpos will also automatically inform the customer of the progress of the order. You choose what stage you want to inform him. You can send SMS or email information, such as order acceptance, pick up or delivery. This will make your customers more likely to come back to you. You will also be seen as a modern entrepreneur.

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