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ERPos. See how BialPrint solved 80% of problems using a simple system.


BialPrint large format printing house is one of the first companies that started using ERPos. It is a quite strong company, develops continuously, invests in new machines and employs more and more people. However, BialPrint has encountered a serious problem. But you will not believe what was the problem?


Problem before ERPos system

Well, with the growth of the company, which is probably the most natural, there are more and more customers and orders. Please tell me that everyone would like to have such a problem. But here the matter was really serious! It was necessary to handle dozens of orders a day. These orders hit different departments and at the same time, different people worked with them. Sometimes the work was simple and schematic and sometimes complicated and unique. What more impatient customers wanted to know what was going on with their order. Business owners and service staff had to receive dozens of phones a day from customers. They ran around the company looking who was doing the job and at which stage it was. It seemed impossible to control this mess. But the worst thing was that the steady clients started to turn away from the company.


Search for the management system

Company owners have already looked around for software to help them manage their business. They found nothing. What’s more, they were discouraged, because most systems were incredibly complex. They were so busy with the company that there was no time for literally anything. Training the entire company with any system was impossible. Luckily we invited BialPrint to the ERPos testing group. And it started …


ERPos – implementation.

For us it was an interesting case. Because we knew that if we manage to take over this company with ERPos, we will succeed almost everywhere. We installed the system on all computers in the company (by the way, it turned out that none of them was included updates – for security reasons, it is worth checking out). Together with the owner we have determined what and in what order it is performed at the company. We have divided the company into departments and departments for specific tasks. We have assigned responsible staff to each task. To reduce the number of calls from customers, we have included automatic notifications for selected tasks. Trained one worker lasted no more than 5 minutes. And that’s all. In March 2017, it was decided that all BialPrint orders would be handled exclusively by ERPos. The result exceeded the wildest expectations.

What has been achieved through ERPos

ERPos presents processes in the company in the form of colored blocks. It helps “in one glance” to track what is going on with your business. Running around the company and looking at what stage tasks completion is has ended.

Each employee has assigned tasks, so we know what they are doing at the moment and in what order they plan to do the next job. Employees despite the implementation constraints (small but still) now like to use the system. They see that they can plan their work on their own. They know what to do and in what order. Tasks are described so there is no misunderstanding. The bosses also less annoy them because they do not have to report to them what they have done.

The company also improved the flow of information. Tasks are numbered, we know for whom they are being executed, at what time and at what stage they are. Each job has a linked documentation that all employees can use. We can also find previously implemented tasks. Tasks can also be printed in the form of a label and attached to the order.

With automatic notifications, the number of calls from customers has decreased. Customers now receive e-mail and SMS about the status of their orders. This ensures that the order is executed and at what stage it is. This is a “small” improvement, but effectively stopped the regular customers at the company. The owners have heard a lot of nice words from customers. This meant the complete success of the ERPos implementation.


ERPos. Other benefits

In addition to the practical benefits, there are also financial:
– efficiency and quality have increased
– there are less mistakes and losses associated with them
– customer service is less stressful and requires less time
– the number of new and returning customers has increased


The success of the ERPos system.

At the moment, BialPrint is a completely different company. Running a business has become simpler and less stressful. Owners had much higher requirements for system functions at the beginning. It turned out that the Pareto principle also found its use here. A simple system solved the most important part of the company’s problems. 20% of the effort solved 80% of the problems.


The company name in the text has been intentionally changed. The company and its history is 100% authentic.

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