Do your customers order something that is not on the shelf in your store? After all, you do not always have all your products in stock. This product must first be brought from a wholesaler or distributor. ERPos is perfect for handling such orders. How it's working?

The customer orders the goods

The customer comes to our store, calls or visits our website. He sees that the current item is not in stock at the moment. He decides to place an order.

Placing an order to the system

We can write an order for a piece of paper. But what if the card is lost or we forget the order? The customer will certainly not be satisfied with this. Here the ERPos system comes with help. Thanks to that you will have full control over the order from start to finish.

You can inform the customer about the progress of the order

Erpos will also automatically send SMS or email to the customer about the progress of the order. You choose what stage you want to inform him. You can send information such as order acceptance, store receipt or shipping. This will make your customers satisfied. You will also be seen as a modern entrepreneur who has a well-managed business.

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